Course update

Coming soon….

We are currently working on Food Safety, Fire Marshal and Safeguarding courses. If there are any other courses you would like us to develop please let us know.

Here’s a list of courses we currently have available:

First Aid

Blended Emergency First Aid at Work course £8.00 plus VAT
Blended First Aid at Work course £8.00 plus VAT
Blended Paediatric First Aid course £8.00 plus VAT
Combined Paediatric First Aid and Emergency First Aid at Work £8.00 plus VAT
First Aid for Parents course £8.00 plus VAT

Health and Safety

Fire Safety for Early Years course £6.00 plus VAT
Risk Assessment Early Years Course £6.00 plus VAT

Why is audio/video important?

Why is audio and video an important element of our courses?
We know that learners take in information in many different ways, which is why our courses include video and audio.
Take a look at a couple of examples below…

Audio narration
There is a narration option available on every page of our courses. We have found that this can make the content more memorable, and assists learners who do not have English as their first language.

To listen to an example, click on the Play triangle on the audio bar below:

Video-supported learning
At relevant points throughout the course there are videos embedded into the pages. These illustrate some of the important procedures involved, and enhance the learning experience, making it easier to understand and remember the key messages or activities.

The example below demonstrates CPR for a child over the age of one.

Hover and click on the image to start the video: