Commonly Asked Questions

Questions About Course Licences (Enrolment keys)

Do licences have an expiry date?

No, licences have no expiry date.

Once a learner starts a course the licence cannot be reallocated to another learner.

Learner data is archived if they have not logged in to the site for 3 months and will not show in your portal (this was extended to 6 months during the COVID-19 pandemic)

Can I reallocate unused licences?

Yes, if a learner registers and puts in an enrolment code but doesn’t start the course, you can delete them as a user and a new licence (with a different enrolment code) will be added to the Group for you to give to someone else.

How do I remove a learner?

1. Go to Manage your Courses
2. Select a Group
3. Find the learner you want to remove
4. Tick the box to the left of their name
5. Click Remove User (above Search box)
6. You will see that a new licence has been added to your Licences Remaining

Questions About Certificates

Can I view my learners’ certificates and print/download them?

Yes, you can. When you log in to the dashboard:

1. Select the List Users link for the group you want (middle of screen)
2. Select the learner
3. At the end of the Course progress details, if they have passed the course their certificate will show – see example below:

Infection Control for Childhood Settings: Status: Completed Completed 27 out of 27 steps Since: 3rd August 2020 2:20 pm (Group Access) – Certificate (details)