It is important to document an accident or incident while it is fresh in your mind, so that it forms a complete record of what happened and the actions and observations you made.

REMINDER: This is a legal document, and may be used as evidence

  • Read through the example below of a completed Accident Report Form
  • Use the Course Notepad (or your own notebook) to write down the type of information you think would make this report more accurate and complete.
  • You may find it helpful to refer to this List to remind you about what SHOULD be included.


Child’s Name:- Charlie Farnsbarns

Time and date of accident/incident:- 12:30hrs on 20 March 2015

Place accident/incident occurred:- The Elms Nursery, London N12 7QR

Time parent notified of accident/incident:- End of day

Description of how the accident/incident occurred:- Charlie fell and hit head


Record of injury:- Bump on head

Action(s) taken:- Child told to rest

Date notified to Ofsted (if child required emergency medical treatment):

Name of witness:

Telephone number:



Childminder Signature:- Mary O’Donahue ______ Date:- 20/3/15

Parent Signature:- Tina Shaw_______Date:- 20/3/15