Electrical Equipment

Reducing the risk of fire – electrical equipment

A spark from faulty electrical items and wiring can lead to a fire.

Most electrical faults can be detected just by a visual inspection – so take a look at the electrical equipment in your home and your childcare centre, to see whether you can spot any of the problems listed in the checklist below.

IMPORTANT: If you notice any of the faults listed, contact a qualified electrician. DO NOT try to repair the damage yourself.

ACTION: Click the icon below and check your equipment against the list of potential problems:


image of dangerous frayed plug cable

  • Are the cables and wires frayed or worn?
  • Is the cable fastened securely to the plug?
  • Are there signs that the plug has overheated?
  • Can you see melted or deformed plastic or burn marks?
  • Are there scorch marks around the socket?

Simple things you can do:
  • Unplug appliances when not in use unless they are designed to be left on, like fridges and freezers
  • Keep electrical appliances clean and in good working order
    Look out for fuses that blow, circuit-breakers that trip for no obvious reason and flickering lights to prevent them triggering a fire
  • Check electrical equipment for a British or European safety mark
  • Always check that you use the right fuse to prevent overloading
    When you’re fitting or replacing a fuse, it’s important to use the right fuse for the appliance to make sure the cable doesn’t overheat and that the appliance is protected in the event of a fault.