Fuel sources and managing them safely

Remember that fuel is a fire hazard. It is one of the 3 elements of the fire triangle.

Childcare settings are full of materials and substances which burn easily (are combustible)

Flammable solids:

This includes things like paper, cardboard, toys, soft furnishings

Flammable liquids:

This includes things like wall paint, aerosol cans, linseed oil

Cooking oils:

This includes things like vegetable oil and fats

Safety checklist to reduce the fire risk from fuel:

  • Keep combustible items away from stairways and fire escape routes, eg paper, books and stationery, displays of art and craft-work, and notice boards.
    These items could be a combustible hazard or obstruction
  • If possible, displays and posters should be installed in covered frames
  • Displays on walls should not exceed 20 per cent of the wall space on fire escape routes
  • Keep paper and arts and crafts supplies in protected stationery stores or cupboards if they are not required immediately
  • Ensure that all items of furnishings, including cots and bedding where appropriate, meet the requirements of the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety)Regulations 1988
  • Ensure that rubbish is not allowed to build up and that it is stored carefully until properly disposed of, particularly at the end of the day
  • Ensure that foam mats eg gym mats and foam play equipment are laid flat when not in use and stacked one on top of another in a dedicated storeroom

Oxygen – Managing it safely:

Remember that a fire cannot continue if you remove oxygen from it.
  • Close all doors and windows, especially out of hours and on evacuating the premises
  • Shut down any ventilation systems