Infection Control for Childhood Settings

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This comprehensive online course provides all staff working with children with an understanding of how infections including COVID-19 are transmitted and what measures can be put in place to prevent and control their spread.

It has been developed in line with national infection control guidelines including Public Health England/Scotland/Wales, the HSE, the Department for Education and the EYFS

Duration: Approximately 2-3 hours

Access: This online course can be completed on any PC or mobile device. Learners can study at their own pace and log in and out as often as they wish


1. Appeals to all learning styles with interactive quizzes, video and audio features
2. Allows learners to work at their own pace, testing their knowledge as they progress through the course
3. Provides a very thorough resource for those with English as a Second Language to equip them with the vocabulary, language skills and confidence to pass a practical course

Assessment: Self checks after each section of the course and an end of course multiple choice assessment

Certification: On successful completion, learners can download a certificate as evidence that they have passed the course.

Accreditation: This course has been approved by the CPD Accreditation Group and qualifies for 3 CPD points.

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Course content includes:

• Infection Prevention and Control of Germs
• Sources of Infection
• Susceptible People
• Transmission
• Common Childhood Infections and Infections In Pregnancy
• Coronavirus
• Signs and Symptoms of COVID-19
• Infection Control Risk Assessment
• Covid-19 Risks Assessment – Points To Consider
• What to do if someone has or is suspected of having COVID-19
• Handwashing – Clean Hands Save Lives
• When Should Staff Wash Their Hands?
• Teaching Children To Wash Their Hands Properly
• Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases
• PPE – Personal Protective Equipment
• Cleaning Procedures
• Cleaning and Disinfection
• Cleaning Facilities and Equipment
• Cleaning Toys and Equipment
• Nappy Changing, Potties and Toilets
• Blood and Body Fluid Spillages
• Laundry
• Managing Waste Safely
• Reporting and Recording Infectious Disease Outbreaks